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Data Interface Systems, Information/Information System

Definition : Data interface systems designed to allow information systems of a healthcare facility to communicate with each other (i.e., interfacing) by controlling a continuous smooth transmission of data and/or other information between the information systems. These interface systems do not interact with medical devices directly. These systems typically include electronic workstations to process and control the information flow; and wireless and/or cable connections among two or more information systems (e.g., hospital data management, emergency and/or intensive care, financial, risk management). The systems frequently include and/or are associated with a dedicated and flexible connection server. Data interface systems that link information systems also include appropriate software that contains the languages and codes that the applications use to communicate with each other and with the hardware. The software may include several different algorithms that work according to the characteristics of the interfaced information systems and/or to particular areas of the healthcare facility. Interface systems may be intended for a particular set of information systems or flexible enough to permit the modification and/or integration of new information systems from different manufacturers and technologies.

Entry Terms : "Information System Interface Systems"

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