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Defibrillators, External, Manual

Definition : External defibrillators that require the operator to observe the ECG waveform, confirm ventricular fibrillation, and perform the necessary operations to charge the capacitors to the appropriate voltage and discharge the stored energy through the paddles into the patient. Manual external defibrillators are typically battery operated, but most devices may also be operated from line power. Most of these defibrillators include an electrocardiographic monitor as an integral part; those defibrillators that do not include a monitor should be used with an ECG monitor or electrocardiograph to assess whether the abnormal cardiac rhythm may be corrected with an electric shock (i.e., to identify a "shockable" rhythm).

Entry Terms : "Defibrillator/Monitors" , "Defibrillators, Battery-Powered" , "Monitor/Defibrillators"

UMDC code : 11134

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