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Dental Materials, Cement, Polycarboxylate

Definition : Cement dental materials, whose main components are zinc oxide and polycarboxylic acid, designed to produce a mechanical interlocking effect upon hardening inside the mouth. These cements consist of a basic powder (zinc, magnesium, aluminum) oxides and an acidic liquid (polyacrylic, itaconic) that are mixed together in a viscous paste immediately before use, setting to a hard mass. Polycarboxylate cements have proper thermal and chemical resistance in the oral environment; they should be resistant to dissolution in oral fluids, and non-irritating to pulp and gingiva. They are used in dentists' offices as a cementing medium of cast alloys, porcelain restorations and orthodontic appliances, as a cavity liner, as an intermediate base under restorations, or as temporary restorative materials.

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