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Detectors, Extravasation, Intravenous Fluid

Definition : Detectors designed to determine accidental leakages of intravenously (IV) infused medications into the extravascular space and/or tissue around infusion sites from mis-positioned venous access devices. These detectors are usually based on radiofrequency techniques using sensors that can detect when fluid is under the patient's skin, usually in quantities of less than 20 ml. Other techniques may be used for detection of the extravasated fluid (e.g., tissue impedance, infrared light). The detectors may be coupled to manual or automated injectors (typically contrast media injectors) to stop the infusion when extravasation is detected. Extravasation IV fluid detectors are used to limit the quantity of accidental fluid leakage (especially of vesicant or irritant medications); consequences of extravasation may include from mild temporal damage (e.g., erythema, tenderness) to serious effects such as tissue necrosis.

Entry Terms : "Extravasation Detectors" , "Intravenous Fluid Extravasation Detectors" , "Intravenous Fluid Infiltration Detectors" , "Radiofrequency Intravenous Fluid Infiltration Detectors"

UMDC code : 25581

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