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Digitizers, Video

Definition : Digitizers designed to convert analog video signals from external devices (e.g., video cameras) into digital format in such a way that the images can be displayed using computers and processed through digital information systems. Video digitizers usually digitize one frame at a time (frame grabbers). These devices typically consist of video-input modules for video signals (e.g., composite video, S-video format), an analog-to-digital converter, electronic processors, a computer interface, and appropriate software. Some of these devices are bidirectional, also allowing conversion from digital to analog format. Video digitizers permit video-image transfer and manipulation through hospital information systems, printing of images using laser printers, and permanent archiving in magnetic and/or optical disks.

Entry Terms : "Digital Video Systems, Endoscopy" , "Frame Grabbers" , "DV Units" , "Digital Image Capture Units" , "Video Digitizers"

UMDC code : 20464

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