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Dilators, Cervical Canal, Hygroscopic, Laminaria Tent

Definition : Cervical canal (i.e., uterine cervix) dilators consisting of an expansible plug (i.e., a tent) of dried Laminaria (a genus of seaweeds); they are usually available as sterilized devices that have a strong thread attached for anchoring and easy removal. These tents gradually swell to several times their original diameter by the absorption of moisture from the cervix in a period of several hours (typically 12 to 14), producing a gradual cervical dilatation. Laminaria tent cervical dilators are used to perform intrauterine obstetric maneuvers, especially to perform midterm abortions.

Entry Terms : "Laminaria Sticks" , "Laminaria Dilators" , "Laminaria Tents"

UMDC code : 12270

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