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Dilators, Surgical, Esophageal, Endoscopic

Definition : Surgical dilators designed for mechanically augmenting the diameter of the esophagus during endoscopic surgery. These surgical dilators typically consist of a slender hollow or solid-body instrument made of metal, plastic or other suitable material in a cylindrical form to facilitate placement; some instruments include balloons that are expanded via pressure injection of liquid (e.g., saline, water, radiopaque contrast). Some balloons are designed to expand to a single diameter while others are designed to inflate to multiple diameters. The dilators are designed to be used through the accessory channel of esophagoscopes and can be wire-guided or non-wire guided (fixed wire). Esophageal endoscopic dilators offer direct endoscopic visualization and provide radial force directly to the stricture site. They are used during gastrointestinal dilation procedures to open narrowed areas or strictures in the esophagus due to several causes (e.g., peptic strictures, Schatzki's Rings, achalasia). Dilation of the esophagus can also be performed with bougies (a non-surgical procedure).

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