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Disinfectors, Vapor Germicide, Ultrasonic Transducer Probe

Definition : Disinfectors designed to kill or inactivate most of the microorganisms (e.g., fungi, viruses, bacteria) found on ultrasound transducer probes following ultrasonic procedures on patients. These disinfectors typically kill microorganisms including mycobacteria, all fungi, and spore-forming bacteria (except when there is a large number) providing a high-level of disinfection (near-sterile disinfection). The equipment provides an automated disinfection cycle based on the vaporization of a liquid germicide (typically hydrogen peroxide [H2O2]) leaving only residues of non-toxic products to the environment. The disinfector usually consists of a disinfection chamber to place the probes, a container with the liquid germicide, and a nebulizer that converts the liquid germicide into a high-concentration vapor that is evenly introduced into the chamber. The equipment may also include chemical indicators to show successful disinfection results and an internal system that converts the residual germicide into non-toxic products (e.g., water vapor and oxygen).

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