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Document Scanners

Definition : Electronic scanners designed for the optical capture and data processing of images and/or text in such a way that facilitates saving the information as digital data in a computer or computerized system. These scanners may consist of a scanning head (typically including devices such as mirrors, lenses, filters, and CCD arrays) that moves above a fixed document (i.e., flat-bed scanners) or is fixed while the document moves (i.e., sheet-bed scanners). Handheld, photomultiplier tube scanners that move on an automated belt (also known as drum scanners) and dedicated scanners intended for use with films and/or photographic slides (typically 35 mm) are also available. Document scanners are used in healthcare facilities to process information from printed documents and/or films, both for clinical and administrative purposes.

Entry Terms : "Scanners, Document" , "Scanners"

UMDC code : 24517

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