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Drainage Systems, Pleural

Definition : Drainage systems designed for aspiration of abnormal fluid accumulation (e.g., effusions) from the potential space enclosed by the pleura (i.e., the pleural cavity). These systems usually consist a water seal ("underwater") drainage unit, typically with three separate chambers for suction control, a water seal (acting as a one-way valve), and fluid collection; a thoracic drain tube inserted in the patient's pleural cavity with the proximal end attached to the collection chamber; and an aspirator that is connected to the suction-control chamber using a suction line. Pleural drainage systems are used mainly in hospitals to restore normal lung function to patients following chest or mediastinal surgery (e.g., open-heart surgery); they are also used for continuous drainage of the pleura in medical conditions such as malignant or nonmalignant pleural effusions and for pneumothorax and/or hemothorax treatment.

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