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Drill Bits, Surgical, Spine, Cervical

Definition : Surgical drill bits designed to be held and revolved by a rotary device to excavate, perforate, or excise fragments of the cervical spine, including the vertebrae following the direction of a previously inserted pin or guide wire. These drill bits typically consist of a cylindrical hollow shank of stainless steel or other hard metal alloy with a uniform cross-section. They include a working end with cutting edges (e.g., twisted, helicoidally) and a notched or elongated proximal end to fit into the rotary device (e.g., a hand drill, handpiece); they may also include stoppers to avoid perforation beyond a pre-established depth. Dedicated spine surgical drills are available for a variety of procedures and/or segments of the spine (e.g., cervical, lumbar, thoracic), including reshaping the spine and implantation of prostheses during orthopedic surgery. They are usually intended for reuse after sterilization, but can be disposable (single-use).

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