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Drivers, Ultrasonic Probe, Endoscopic

Definition : Drivers designed to insert ultrasonic probes into the channel of standard endoscopes, permitting ultrasonic procedures along body tracts. These drivers are usually handheld manual powered instruments that permit the location of a variety of detachable ultrasonic probes at the distal end; then the probes are inserted in the working channel of a standard endoscope (e.g., a choledochoscope) which is attached to a video endoscopy system at the proximal end. The drivers permit dual-plane reconstruction (DPR) scanning with simultaneous display of radial and linear images when used with DPR probes. Endoscopic ultrasonic probe drivers are intended to perform ultrasonic procedures using standard endoscopes rather than dedicated ultrasonic endoscopes. They are usually dedicated devices that can be used only with endoscopes and probes of one or a few models and/or manufacturers.

Entry Terms : "Drivers, Endoscopic Ultrasonic Probe" , "Endoscopic Ultrasonic Probe Drivers" , "Ultrasonic Probe Drivers"

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