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Electrical Conductivity Meters, Dialysate

Definition : Electric conductivity meters designed to measure and display the electric conductivity of a solution delivered to a dialyzer; the meter may be a component or an accessory of a hemodialysis machine. These devices typically consist of an electronic instrument that can measure within the range of conductivity usually found in dialysate solutions (typically 10 to 20 mS/cm); the instruments include the appropriate sensors, transducers, electronic circuits, and a display for the measurement. Dialysate conductivity meters are commonly used as an integral part of the dialysis system, but some are available as stand-alone units for inspection, maintenance, or calibration of the dialysate circuit of hemodialysis machines.

Entry Terms : "Dialysate Conductivity Meters" , "Dialysate Unit Test Equipment" , "Dialysate Testers" , "Testers, Conductivity, Dialysate" , "Hemodialysis Dialysate Conductivity Meters" , "Hemodialysis Unit Conductivity Monitors"

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