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Electrical Conductivity Meters

Definition : Measuring instruments designed to measure electrical conductivity, a measure of the capability of a substance to conduct electric charges when a voltage is applied; conductivity is the inverse of resistivity. Conductivity is usually measured in Siemens (S) per unit length (S/meter). Conductivity meters typically consist of electromechanical or more frequently electronic instruments; the meters include a display and attached leads with appropriate electrodes. Practical instruments usually measure in fractions of Siemens (e.g., milli- or micro-Siemens) per meter or cm (e.g., mS/cm; muS/cm). Dedicated conductivity meters are used to measure solid material and/or liquid conductivity; some are incorporated in testers used in the inspection and/or maintenance of medical devices and other healthcare facility equipment. Combined electronic instruments measuring also high values of electric resistance (i.e., megohmmeters) and/or resistivity (the inverse of conductivity) are available.

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