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Electromechanical Adapters, Line Voltage/Frequency

Definition : Devices designed to match (i.e., adapt) the electric requirements of small, usually portable, equipment to the line voltage and/or frequency. These devices typically consist of an electric transformer and other electric and/or electronic components and one or more integral or detachable plugs that match the outlet standards in different areas (e.g., North America, Continental Europe, Japan, Australia, and UK). Electric voltage and/or frequency adapters that switch from one standard to another automatically by recognizing the line supply voltage (110/120 V or 220/240V) and frequency (50 or 60 Hz) and manual adapters that have to be switched manually by the user are available. Dedicated adapters intended for particular types of equipment (e.g., radio and TV receivers, shavers, hair clippers) are also available.

Entry Terms : "Hair Clipper Adapters" , "Adapters"

UMDC code : 22565

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