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Exercisers, Continuous Passive/Active Motion, Lower/Upper Limb

Definition : Continuous passive/active motion exercisers designed to provide controlled, rhythmic motion (e.g., cycling) to the upper and/or lower limbs, which are propelled by a motor without the patient's muscular exertion in the passive mode and/or by voluntary movements by cycling pedals in the active mode. These exercisers usually consist of an electronic motor to propel the pedals whenever assistance is needed, a sensor for monitoring the force generated by the patient against the resistance, exercise programs to adjust the amount of resistance, and a display that shows the resistance level and other exercise information. Typically, when the patient does not have any muscle power to do the active exercise, the motor provides the force for the cycling motion; the motor may provide some assistance as needed when the patient is capable of exerting some muscle power. Lower-upper-limb combined exercisers are intended to improve muscular strength and flexibility; they are used in physical therapy and rehabilitation by people with serious disability. Dedicated continuous passive/active motion exercisers are available for the upper limbs (arms) and/or the lower limbs (legs).

Entry Terms : "Passive/Active Leg and Arm Exercisers" , "Lower/Upper Limb Passive/Active Exercisers" , "Exercisers, Continuous Passive/Active Motion" , "Exercisers, Continuous Passive/Active Motion, Lower Limb" , "Exercisers, Continuous Passive/Active Motion, Upper Limb" , "Exercisers, Leg/Ankle"

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