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Exercisers, Muscle Strength, Constrained Barbell

Definition : Muscle strength exercisers designed to provide resistance to muscular contraction when the user lifts a barbell whose movement is restricted to a fixed path; the barbells provide resistance. The movement of a barbell is usually restricted by runners and a series of slots, so the barbell can only be moved up and down; sometimes the barbells are retained in the collars of a pair of weight crutches. An adjustable bench may be included in these exercisers. These exercisers can be used for bench presses, squats, and lunges. Constrained barbell exercisers are intended to improve the strength in upper body (arm, shoulder, chest, and upper back) and lower body (buttocks, thigh, and calf) muscles; they can also increase muscle size, endurance, and power and improve bone density.

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