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Exercisers, Muscle Strength, Lever/Pulley-Cable, Upper Limb/Trunk, Arm

Definition : Muscle strength exercisers designed to provide resistance to muscular contraction in the arms using a mechanism based on a system of pulleys and cables or levers. These exercisers usually consist of a stand-alone machine with weights stacked on top of each other or a hydraulic mechanism, a system to transmit the force (i.e., to convey the resistance), and lever bars or pulley cables on which the user exerts force to counteract the exerciser resistance. Users can raise the lever bar handles or pull the cables to flex the elbow (i.e., arm curl) or push the lever up or down or pull the cables to extend the arm (i.e., arm extension). Arm strength exercisers are intended to improve muscle strength in the upper limbs (mainly biceps or triceps and wrist musclel), increase muscle size, enhance muscle endurance and power, and improve bone density.

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