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Flowmeters, Gas, Respiratory

Definition : Gas flowmeters designed to measure the rate of inhaled and/or exhaled gases (i.e., respiratory flow or breathing) by the lungs. Breathing flowmeters are typically powered instruments, frequently with computerized capabilities, which measure flow using electromechanical, laser, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, and/or other techniques. Dedicated breathing flowmeters intended to measure the flow of specific gases (e.g., oxygen, anesthetics), frequently used with or attached as an integral part of a particular device (e.g., oxygen cylinder) and/or equipment (e.g., anesthesia machine), are available. Dedicated instruments intended to measure only the peak expiratory flow are also available, and other devices intended to measure both volume and flow of respiratory gases are usually known as spirometers. Some respiratory gas flowmeters are designed specifically for use in magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] environments, i.e., MRI-compatible oxygen flowmeters, MRI-compatible air flowmeters, and are made from nonmagnetic materials so that they can be safely used in an MRI suite.

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