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Hand Drills, Surgical, Bone, Intramedullary

Definition : Surgical bone drill bits designed to excavate the intramedullary bone canal when held and revolved by a rotatory manually propelled or powered device (e.g., a handpiece or hand drill). These devices typically consist of a hollow cylindrical shank of steel or other hard metal with a uniform cross-section. They include a working end with cutting edges and a notched or elongated proximal end that may be an integral part of a manually propelled instrument or fit into the rotary device. Intramedullary cannulated drill bits are frequently used to excise tissue from the bone stem in orthopedic procedures prior to prosthesis implantation.

Entry Terms : "Bone Surgical Hand Drills, Intramedullary" , "Drills, Intramedullary" , "Intramedullary Bone Surgical Hand Drills"

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