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Humidifiers, Room Environment

Definition : Humidifiers designed to add moisture to the air in a closed room environment. These humidifiers typically consist of equipment that may use one of a variety of different technologies, including: (1) ultrasonic humidifiers that use a vibrating nebulizer; (2) evaporative humidifiers using a fan to blow air over a wet wick; (3) rotating disk (centrifugal) humidifiers. Most humidifiers include sensors and controls to regulate the humidity in the environment. Room humidifiers are usually available in three configurations, i.e., tabletop, mobile consoles, and in-duct installation.; they are used in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes and also at home to help in the prevention of dryness in the airways and to increase comfort especially for babies, the elderly, and patients with serious illness.

Entry Terms : "Environmental Humidifiers" , "Humidifiers, Nonheated" , "Humidifiers, Room" , "Nonheated Humidifiers" , "Room Environment Humidifiers" , "Room Humidifiers"

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