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Identification/Tracking/Security Systems, Asset/Person

Definition : Security systems designed to identify, track, monitor, and locate people (e.g., staff, patients, visitors) and/or assets (e.g., equipment, instruments) within a healthcare facility. These systems can monitor movement of persons and/or assets within a particular location, as well as their entry into and exit from the facility. The basic elements of the system are an identification tag that is attached to the asset or worn by the person, with a radio transmitter (active tag) or that works with the energy supplied by the location device (passive tag); a tag-detection device (e.g., a reader; dedicated software; and a unit that displays location and alerts. Some systems may include audible alarms and mechanisms to lock doors or disable elevators. Most identification/tracking/security systems use radiofrequency signals, but systems based on ultrasonic and infrared technologies are also available.

Entry Terms : "Identification/Security Systems, Patient" , "Asset Identification Systems" , "Asset Security Systems" , "Asset Tracking Systems" , "Patient Wandering Prevention Systems" , "Patient Security Systems" , "Patient Identification and Security Systems" , "Antiwandering Systems" , "Antielopement Systems" , "Patient Elopement Prevention Systems" , "Wandering Prevention Systems" , "Geriatric Patient Tracking/Security Systems" , "Person Tracking Systems" , "Antiabduction Systems" , "Electronic Asset Surveillance (EAS) Systems" , "Asset Management Information Systems" , "Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Systems"

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