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Identification/Tracking/Security Systems, Pharmaceutical

Definition : Identification, tracking, and security systems designed to monitor pharmaceutical container entry, exit, and location within factories, distribution centers, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies, permitting the tracking of pharmaceuticals along the supply chain. The basic elements of the system are an identification tag, typically with a radio transmitter attached (active tag) or that works with the energy supplied by the location device (passive tag), that is attached or fixed to the drug container; a tag-detection device (e.g., a reader); and a unit with dedicated software that displays information regarding the shipment, receipt, and history of the pharmaceutical's path at any point of the distribution chain. Most pharmaceutical identification/tracking/security systems may use radiofrequency signals, but systems using bar-coded labels are also available.

Entry Terms : "Pharmacy Management Systems" , "Pharmacy Computer Systems" , "Pharmacy Information Systems" , "Drug Information Systems" , "Clinical Pharmacy Computer Systems" , "Electronic Pedigree Pharmaceutical Systems" , "Pharmaceutical Identification Systems" , "Pharmaceutical Security Systems" , "Pharmaceutical Tracking Systems" , "Clinical Pharmacy Automation Systems" , "Medication Management Systems"

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