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Iontophoresis Units, Anhidrotic

Definition : Iontophoresis therapy units designed to introduce tap water and/or water solution (e.g., glycopyrrolate, aluminum chloride) ions into the sweat ducts to treat excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis). These units typically consist of a direct-current generator (some units also include alternating current output) and appropriate electrodes (e.g., axillary pads, bath trays for palms and soles) connected to the generator by cords. Hyperhidrosis iontophoresis therapy units are used mainly to treat palmoplantar sweating, but some units may be used to treat the axillae (armpit) area, the stump region of amputees, and other body areas. The mechanism of hyperhidrosis control is probably the development of hyperkeratotic plugs in the sweat ducts.

Entry Terms : "Anhidrotic Iontophoresis Units" , "Stimulators, Antihidrosis" , "Iontotherapy Units" , "Hyperhidrosis Therapy Units" , "Perspiration Control Units" , "Sweat Control Units"

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