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Irrigators, Nasal/Nasal Sinus

Definition : Irrigators designed for automated or semiautomated irrigation and washing of tissue and/or debris from the nose and/or the nasal sinuses. These devices typically consist of a main electromechanical unit that includes a pump for irrigation/infusion of a jet of nonmedicated (e.g., saline) liquids, controls for the rate and pressure of irrigation of the liquid, a reservoir for the solution, and a handpiece that may include a set of detachable tips intended for introduction in the nasal nostrils. Nasal lavage units are intended to remove debris from the nose and/or nasal sinuses; they are used mainly in healthcare facilities for allergy treatment, nasal congestion, and before and after surgery; some devices are used for home care.

Entry Terms : "Nasal Sinus Irrigators" , "Lavage Units, Otorhinolaryngologic" , "Lavage Units, ENT" , "Lavage Units, Otorhinolaryngology" , "Nasal Irrigators"

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