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IVD Test Reagent/Kits, Immunoassay, Neuroendocrine, Cortisol Metabolite

Definition : Immunoassay reagents intended to perform qualitative and/or quantitative analyses on a body fluid sample (typically urine) to determine cortisol metabolites, including 17-hydroxycorticosteroids (17-OHCS) and 17-ketosteroid glucoronides (17-KS-G). Other cortisol metabolites include tetrahydro metabolites (e.g. tetrahydrocortisone), hexahydro metabolites (e.g., alpha and beta cortols, cortolones), and 11-oxygenated ketosteroids (e.g., 11-ketoandrosterone). Determination of cortisol metabolites in urine are used in tests of adrenal diseases such as nodular adrenocortical diseases and secondary adrenal insufficiency. The assays for determination of cortisol, both in urine and blood, have decreased the use of tests for cortisol metabolites in urine.

Entry Terms : "Tetrahydro-11-Deoxycortisol Determination Reagents" , "Metabolite Determination Reagents, Cortisol" , "Ketosteroid Determination Reagents" , "Ketosteroid Glucoronide Determination Reagents" , "Ketogenic Steroid Determination Reagents" , "Cortolone Determination Reagents" , "Cortol Determination Reagents" , "Cortisol Metabolite Determination Reagents" , "11-Deoxycortisol Determination Reagents" , "Reagents, Immunoassay, Neuroendocrine, Cortisol Metabolite"

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