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Knives, Surgical, Eye, Cataract, Microsurgery

Definition : Cataract eye (ophthalmic) surgery knives designed to make micro incisions in the eye capsule during the procedures. These knives typically consist of a straight handle at the proximal end and a straight or angled trapezoid double beveled blade at the distal end. Microsurgery cataract knives are used to make a micro (usually a little more than 1.0 mm) incision that is larger at the external than at the internal corneal margin during the lens extraction (e.g., phacoemulsification) procedure. These knives are also used to enlarge the incision before intraocular lens implantation.

Entry Terms : "Phaco Microsurgery Knives, Cataract" , "Cataract Microsurgery Knives" , "Microsurgery Knives" , "Knives, Microsurgery"

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