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Lights, Illumination, Overbed

Definition : Lights designed to provide illumination on the surface of a patient bed. These illumination lights convert electric power into emitted radiation mainly in the visible spectrum. Overbed lights are available in several shapes and sizes and use various types of bulbs such as incandescent, halogen, and light-emitting diodes (LED), fluorescent tubes, and/or LED ropes. The lights are typically several feet in length, providing uniform light over the entire head of the bed; they can also provide direct and indirect lighting options that allow the lights to be centered directly over any part of the patient's bed. The light fixtures typically have durable and resistant clear polycarbonate or translucent polycarbonate covers to provide the most appropriate lighting. These lights can typically provide several different light intensities appropriate to shine against the wall to create a soft room light and to read.

Entry Terms : "Overbed Illumination Lights" , "Overbed Lights"

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