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Microwave Therapy Systems, Tissue Ablation, Prostatic

Definition : Tissue ablation microwave therapy systems designed to ablate regions of the prostate. These systems consist of a microwave generator (e.g., 915 MHz frequency); an urethral catheter including a coaxial cable with a microwave antenna and a temperature sensor located at its tip; a rectal probe with temperature sensors; and a temperature monitor. Water or air cooling is frequently added to protect other tissues (e.g., rectum, external sphincter); in some systems the applicators are inserted into the patient's rectum with the antenna placed adjacent to the prostate gland. Prostatic ablation microwave systems are used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and cancer of the prostate.

Entry Terms : "Prostatic Hypertrophy Treatment Systems, Microwave" , "Transurethral Thermotherapy Systems" , "Prostatic Ablation Systems" , "Hyperthermia Units, Microwave" , "Microwave Prostatic Hypertrophy Treatment Systems" , "Transurethral Microwave Treatment Systems"

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