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Modular Medical Facilities, Stationary, Personnel Shower/Decontamination

Definition : Stationary modular medical facilities designed for massive decontamination of people from chemical agents, including mustard (H agent), nerve agents such as VX and the G series (including tabun [GA] and Sarin [GB]), toxic industrial materials, and some biological agents. These facilities typically include a module with a showerhead and controls for effective use of water, a water pump, and additional modules for removal of potentially contaminated clothes and/or redressing with clean clothes (e.g., gowns); the facilities frequently include water-heating capacity, decontamination-solution injectors, and a climate-controlled environment with appropriate chemical and biological protection. Stationary modular facilities used for showering and decontamination of peoples can be installed either using standard water services or from water tanks; some include a transparent plastic wall with reach-in glove arms to permit healthcare personnel to help patients cleaning while keeping a protective barrier. The facilities provide a rapid solution in the event of massive emergency situations (e.g., chemical or other biohazardous spills) involving individuals potentially contaminated with bloodborne pathogens, chemicals, or other biohazardous substances.

Entry Terms : "Shower Shelters" , "Modular Mass Casualty Decontamination Systems" , "Decontamination Shower Shelters" , "Decontamination Shelters" , "Decontamination Shower Systems" , "Modular Decontamination Systems"

UMDC code : 20340

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