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Molecular Assay Microarray Arrayers

Definition : Devices designed to deposit small and accurate volumes (e.g., picoliters) of chemicals (typically nucleic acids or their fragments, such as oligonucleotides) in predetermined spots of prepared surfaces (e.g., glass slides, nylon substrate) to obtain molecular assay microarrays. These devices may consist of either equipment that uses spotting pins to deposit the chemicals from microtiter plates to the solid substrates (including ink-jet printers) or dedicated equipment to synthesize oligonucleotides in situ using well-developed photolithographic technologies. Microarray arrayers are available for repetitive and/or custom production of molecular assay microarrays for research and/or clinical use.

Entry Terms : "Molecular Assay Microarray Spotters" , "Molecular Assay Lithographic Arrayers" , "Molecular Assay Microarray Printers" , "Microarrayers" , "Arrayers"

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