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Monitors, Environmental, Chemical Agent, Nerve/Blister

Definition : Chemical agent environmental monitors designed for automated detection and continuous numerical and/or graphic display of the concentration of compounds that exert their biological effects either by inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (i.e., nerve agents such as tabun [GA], sarin [GB], soman [GD], or VX) or by producing blisters (i.e., blister agents such as mustard, phosgene, and lewisite). Some devices can detect nonlethal, irritant compounds such as Mace and pepper spray. The effects of these agents may be produced while in vapor (if inhaled) or liquid state (if absorbed transcutaneously). Some monitors provide warning signals (e.g., alarms) that operate when predetermined values of the chemical agent and/or the recording capabilities of the monitor have been reached or exceeded. Chemical agent environmental monitors are available as portable, handheld, stand-alone, or mobile units. They are used by healthcare personnel, rescuers, firefighters, and military personnel for continuous observation of contaminated or potentially contaminated areas.

Entry Terms : "Hydrogen Cyanide Monitors" , "Cyanogen Chloride Monitors" , "Cyanide Salts Monitors" , "VX Monitors" , "Soman (GD) Monitors" , "Sarin (GB) Monitors" , "Tabun (GA) Monitors" , "Nerve Agent Monitors" , "Blood Agent Monitors" , "Phosgene Oxime (CX) Monitors" , "Mustard Agent Monitors" , "Vesicant Agent Monitors" , "Blister Agent Monitors"

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