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Monitors, Physiologic, Electrocardiography, Telemetric

Definition : Physiologic monitors designed for continuous measurement and display in a central station of information of the electrical activity of the heart and its associated electrocardiogram (ECG) taken from a distant location through a point-to-point radio or other appropriate communication link (i.e., telemetric). Telemetric electrocardiography (ECG) monitors typically consist of a small electronic unit connected by several lead wires attached to cardiac electrodes that are usually placed on the patient's chest and include a pocket-sized, battery-powered transmitter that is clipped to the patient's gown or carried in a pouch at the remote place, They also consist of a receiver that is integral or associated to the central station where the information is displayed. Most of these monitors can also detect deviation from the normal rhythm of the heartbeat (arrhythmia) by processing the received signal from the patient's transmitter, detect ventricular fibrillation, and/or perform a rhythm analysis (e.g., detect ventricular tachycardia). Some monitors can also process and display information on other physiologic parameters such as pulse oximetry and blood pressure. ECG telemetric monitors are used primarily in cardiology areas, intermediate care and stress exercise units, and in cardiac rehabilitation exercise rooms.

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