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Monitors, Physiologic, Glucose, Personal, Implantable Sensor

Definition : Physiologic self-monitoring (i.e., personal) monitors designed for continuous or near continuous measurement and display of a patient's glucose level using an implantable sensor. These monitors consist of a small main electronic unit that is worn by the patient (e.g., belt, pocket, carried in a pouch) that includes electronic circuits, an LCD display, and attached glucose sensors that are usually inserted in the subcutaneous tissue (typically in the abdomen). The monitors may include a hypoglycemia alarm. Personal glucose monitors are intended to improve the patient's self-management. They may also record glucose level variations in diabetic patients that can be downloaded to a personal computer, permitting better therapy planning by identifying patterns in the fluctuation of glucose level (i.e., glucose profile).

Entry Terms : "Glucose Monitors, Implantable" , "Glucose Personal Implantable Sensor Monitors" , "Monitors, Personal, Glucose, Implantable Sensor"

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