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Monitors, Physiologic, Respiration, Respiratory Gas, Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen, Bedside

Definition : Physiologic monitors designed for the measurement and display of the partial pressure of both oxygen (PO2) and carbon dioxide (PCO2) in the respiratory circuit and are hard-wired at the bedside. These monitors measure gas concentration either by using a sensor in the patient's breathing circuit (mainstream) or by sampling from the patient's airway (sidestream). The monitors typically consist of a main unit which includes electronic circuits that can process the signals from attached sensors for CO2 and O2 pressure detection, a display that shows the gas concentrations, and programmable alarms. Some monitors can also display the CO2 waveform and the concentrations of oxygen (O2) and/or nitrous oxide (NO2). Carbon dioxide/oxygen respiration monitors are used to monitor patients, detect ventilator failure, and to assess the pulmonary function or the adequacy of perfusion during cardiopulmonary resuscitation; they may also be intended for intraoperative use in patients under anesthesia.

Entry Terms : "Multiple Medical Gas Monitors" , "Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Monitors" , "Multiple Medical Gas Monitors, Respired" , "Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Monitors" , "Carbon Dioxide Monitors" , "Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Respiration Bedside Monitors" , "Monitors, Bedside, Respiration, Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen"

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