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Monitors, Physiologic, Respiration, Ventilation/Apnea, Bedside/Intraoperative

Definition : Physiologic monitors designed to continuously measure and display the characteristics of the respiratory function mechanics (i.e., the inspiration and expiration cycle), including the cessation of breathing for a period longer than a pre-established lapse of time (i.e., apnea). These units are hard-wired at the bedside and/or the operating room. These monitors typically use sensors and electronic circuits to measure and display the respiratory rate, volume of air moved (e.g., tidal and minute volume), and inspiratory and expiratory pressures (e.g., mean airway pressure and positive and expiratory pressure), as well as to detect cessation of breathing (apnea). Some of these monitors can also asses and display the fraction of inspired oxygen and/or the end-tidal carbon dioxide concentration. Ventilation/apnea monitors are intended for use in areas where patients require continual monitoring of respiration/ventilation status (e.g., intensive care units). Intraoperative use of the monitors connected to the ventilation breathing circuit during the delivery of anesthesia is also possible.

Entry Terms : "Impedance Pneumograph Bedside Monitors" , "OR Monitors" , "Operating Room Monitors" , "Volumeters" , "Monitors, Bedside, Respiration, Ventilation/Apnea" , "Ventilation/Apnea Respiration Bedside Monitors" , "Ventilation/Apnea Respiration Intraoperative Monitors"

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