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Needles, Suture, Surgical, Blunt Point

Definition : Suture needles with a tip that is not as sharp (i.e., more blunt) as the tip of a conventional tapered suture needle; they can still penetrate tissues for suturing, but the blunt needle does not easily penetrate tough tissues, such as the skin. These needles are typically used for suturing kidney and liver tissues; they are also used in general surgery as a substitute for tapered-point needles to lessen the possibility that accidental contact with the needle tip will result in a needlestick injury. The use of blunt suture needles for some procedures requires changes in the surgical technique for suturing; they are not appropriate for skin-closure applications.

Entry Terms : "Sutures, Protective, Blunt" , "Blunt Needles" , "Needles, Blunt" , "Needlestick Prevention Devices" , "Sharps Injury Prevention Devices"

UMDC code : 20248

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