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Orthoses, Lower/Upper Limb, Immobilizer, Vacuum Splint

Definition : Lower/upper-limb immobilizer designed to provide maximum restriction of movements and/or total immobilization using a splint that is conformed to the appropriate shape (i.e., molded) by applying suction to remove the air inside the splint at the point of care site. Vacuum splints typically consist of a flexible plastic structure that can be molded around the affected limb(s) becoming rigid to provide immobilization when air is removed by applying vacuum. The orthoses usually include a sealing valve to keep the vacuum inside the splint. Vacuum moldable splints are mainly used for emergency treatment of fractures (e.g., arms, legs), sprains, dislocations (e.g., shoulders), and other traumatic injuries.

Entry Terms : "Splints, Vacuum" , "Vacuum Splints"

UMDC code : 13689

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