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Ovens, Laboratory, Microwave

Definition : Ovens designed for clinical laboratory procedures (e.g., melting, drying, desiccating) that heat substances by applying an electromagnetic field with frequencies in the range of the microwaves (typically around 2.45 GHz). These ovens usually consist of a metallic box with a microwave generator capable of delivering power in the order of one kilowatt; a chamber with a front door; and time and power controls. The ovens usually include a ventilation system with ducts (for gas evacuation) that may be coupled to a fume hood or other laboratory gas extraction system. Laboratory microwave ovens are intended for a variety of applications, including drying slides and melting agar. Dedicated microwave ovens intended for a particular use, such as plasma thawing, histology procedures, slide staining, and tissue fixation, are also available.

Entry Terms : "Laboratory Ovens, Microwave" , "Microwave Ovens" , "Microwave Ovens, Laboratory"

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