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Oxygenators, Extracorporeal Bubble

Definition : Oxygenators designed to perform gas exchange by bubbling oxygen from tanks or from a central hospital supply through a column of blood. These oxygenators usually include a defoamer to break up the bubbles caused by the oxygenation process and an arterial reservoir that collects defoamed blood; a gas flowmeter and a filtering system are usually placed in the oxygen line. Bubble oxygenators are mostly used in short-term procedures, lengthy operation of these devices could increase the risk of emboli, blood damage, and protein denaturization.

Entry Terms : "Respiratory Support Oxygenators" , "Oxygenators, Respiratory Support" , "Oxygenators, Heart-Lung Bypass" , "Heart-Lung Bypass Unit Oxygenators"

UMDC code : 11974

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