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Physiologic Monitor Modules, Intravascular Oximetry

Definition : Modules designed to be used as a component of a physiologic monitor, along with related devices, to acquire, measure, and process information for the purpose of continuously monitoring mixed venous oxygen saturation levels. Venous oxygen saturation level is a measure of the oxygen delivered minus the oxygen consumed; clinically significant venous oxygen saturation changes can be used as an early indicator of physiologic instability. These modules contain electronic circuits or other technology designed to acquire and/or process a signal from one or more physiologic sensors (e.g., catheter/transducer sets) and transmit it to the physiologic monitor, which contains the software designed to support the module's intended function(s). Intravascular oximetry monitor modules must be inserted in a dedicated location (e.g., "slot") within a physiologic monitor (e.g., modular or modular/configured bedside or transport monitor) or related device (e.g., module rack) in order to support the desired function(s). Typical functions include display of numeric values/trends for venous oxygen saturation level and appropriate initiation of visual/audible alarms. Many modules also monitor venous oxygen saturation level along with the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood and display related data (e.g., plethysmogram waveforms, numeric values).

Entry Terms : "Intravascular Oximetry Modules, Physiologic Monitor" , "Physiologic Monitor Modules, Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation (SvO2)" , "Physiologic Monitor Modules, Oximetry" , "Hemodynamic Monitoring Modules, Physiologic Monitor"

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