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Power Systems, Electromechanical, Surgery, Otolaryngology

Definition : Power systems designed for use as a source of electric and/or mechanical power to otolaryngology instruments and/or other powered devices used in otolaryngology surgical procedures. The systems may include irrigation capabilities. These systems usually consist of a main unit that provides electric and/or mechanical power using a motor to detachable handpieces appropriate to drive dedicated otolaryngology instruments (e.g., saws, burs, blades, drills, debriders); a power switch (e.g., a foot-control unit), and pumps used for irrigation, cooling, and/or other purposes (e.g., endoscope lens cleaning). Otolaryngology power systems also include a line cord and a panel for handpiece/instrument connection; they may include irrigation and/or coolant bags and a clamp for fixation to a standard intravenous pole. The systems are used in a variety of surgical procedures performed in the ear, nose, and/or throat involving soft and hard tissue.

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