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Projectors, Cine, Film

Definition : Projectors designed to project on a screen a series of images in quick succession at a frequency at which flicker becomes invisible (usually 24 frames per second), providing images that give the impression of movement (known as cine or movie images). Cine projectors usually consist of electric-powered equipment that includes a power supply; lights' reflectors; lenses; electronic circuitry; a shutter (a device that interrupts the emitted light during the time the film is advanced to the next frame); a film transport mechanism; controls (e.g., focus, brightness); and other attachments that permit the projection of images with optical characteristics necessary for multiple viewers. Some projectors may include a screen. Cine projectors are very similar in their characteristics to cine cameras but usually do not include sound systems; Dedicated projectors intended only for use with 8, 16, or 35 mm. films are available.

Entry Terms : "X-Ray Film Projectors, Cine" , "Cine Projectors" , "Film Cine Projectors" , "Movie Projectors" , "Projectors, Cine"

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