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Prostheses, Biological Cardiac Valve/Synthetic Vascular Graft

Definition : Prostheses that combine a biological cardiac valve and a synthetic vascular graft (i.e., a conduct that includes a heart valve as an internal component) designed for surgical implantation. These prostheses may consist either of cardiac valves from human cadavers (i.e., allografts) or animals such as pigs or cows (i.e., xenografts) that are harvested and processed; the valves are preattached (e.g., presewn) to a synthetic graft (i.e., conduct) before the surgical implantation. These prostheses facilitate the surgical implantation procedures and reduce patient risks. Combined prostheses intended for replacement of the aortic valve and the ascending aorta are also available.

UMDC code : 26627

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