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Prostheses, Dental, Fixed, Onlay

Definition : Dental prostheses designed to restore the posterior teeth by fitting around the remains of a tooth and covering one or more of the mesial, occlusal, and distal surfaces; they are precision fitted and cemented to the surrounded tooth so that the patient cannot remove them. Onlays usually cover the entire occlusal surface of a tooth to include the cusps, differentiating them from inlays. These prostheses (i.e., extracoronal restorations) are typically custom-made devices made of cast metal alloys (e.g., medium-hard gold), synthetic (e.g., acrylic) resins, or ceramic (e.g., porcelain). Onlays are used mainly to restore posterior tooth contours and function.

Entry Terms : "Onlays, Dental" , "Dental Onlays" , "Extracoronal Dental Restorations"

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