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Prostheses, Joint, Wrist, Carpal Lunate

Definition : Implantable prostheses designed for replacement of the carpal lunate bone, one of the eight bones of the wrist connecting the bones of the forearm and the bones of the hand at the wrist joint. These devices are typically one-piece prostheses made of metal (e.g., titanium) or polymeric (e.g., silicone elastomer), materials resembling the shape and characteristics of the natural bone; they may include special features (e.g., beaks, holes) to stabilize the carpal bones. The use of these prostheses requires the surgical removal of the lunate carpal bone. Carpal lunate wrist joint prostheses are used to restore wrist motion in patients who suffer trauma (e.g., fracture) or, more frequently, from a disease causing loss of blood flow to the lunate bone (known as Kienbock disease), usually associated with bone death (i.e., osteonecrosis).

Entry Terms : "Prostheses, Carpal" , "Wrist Component Prostheses"

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