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Radiofrequency/Ultrasound Therapy Systems

Definition : Therapeutic systems designed to combine radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound (US) therapy by combining RF and US modules in one unit. These units typically include a US module that delivers ultrasonic waves that penetrate tissues and produce both thermal and nonthermal (e.g., mechanical, cavitation) effects and an RF module that delivers RF energy to warm localized body tissues using their resistance to the passage of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. The US module consists of an RF generator, a cable that transmits the RF energy to the applicator, and an applicator (i.e., handpiece), including a piezoelectric transducer that applies the ultrasonic energy to the patient's tissue through the skin; the RF module consists of an RF generator, a power amplifier, and an applicator (i.e., handpiece) to deliver the energy to the patient. Combined RF/US therapy systems are intended to reduce fat under the skin (lipolysis), to treat some dermal conditions (e.g., cellulitis), and to improve body contour; they are mainly used for dermal and cosmetic procedures and physical therapy.

Entry Terms : "Lipolysis Therapy Equipment"

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