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Radiographic Systems, Film

Definition : Radiographic systems used to perform diagnostic x-ray procedures by obtaining a latent image of the irradiated portion of the patient on film. This latent image is converted, usually in a separate device or system (e.g., a film image processor), into a visible image (i.e., a radiograph) reflecting the internal structure of the irradiated patient region. These systems consist of a combination of a table, which includes a radiolucent tabletop with a longitudinal bin located underneath, holding the Bucky film tray and grid system; an integrated x-ray tubestand or overhead tube suspension; an x-ray tube and collimator unit; an x-ray generator; and a control panel. Most Bucky systems also include automatic exposure control devices (phototimers) to provide acceptable film darkness and to avoid repeated examinations. These systems are used to perform routine diagnostic x-ray procedures provided by hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and urgent care centers, including examinations of the skull, respiratory organs, and skeletal system.

Entry Terms : "Radiographic Table Systems, General-Purpose" , "Film Radiographic Systems" , "Radiographic Units, Head" , "Bucky Diaphragms"

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