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Radiotherapy Systems, Linear Accelerator, Spiral Scanning

Definition : Linear-accelerator-based radiotherapy systems designed to deliver radiation combining computer-controlled beam-shaping (known as intensity modulated radiation therapy [IMRT]) and spiral scanning to deliver the radiation slice by slice rather than all the volume at once. These systems provide image guidance before and during (i.e., in real-time) the radiation treatment. These systems deliver radiation following the three-dimensional image of the tumor, adjusting the intensity of the radiation across the treatment area by using the properties of a spiral scanning accelerator and dedicated software. Spiral scanning linear accelerator radiotherapy systems are intended to deliver more accurate and higher doses of radiation to the tumors in order to spare adjacent tissues. The systems may also be used for single-dose (radiosurgical) treatments, especially in the treatment of cancers of the brain, as well as head and neck tumors.

Entry Terms : "Computer-Controlled Beam-Shaping Radiotherapy Systems" , "Helical Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy" , "Helical Tomotherapy Systems" , "Intensity Modulation Radiotherapy Systems" , "Spiral Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Systems" , "Spiral Scanning Computed Tomography/Intensity Modulation Radiotherapy Systems" , "Spiral Tomotherapy Systems" , "Tomotherapy Systems" , "Volumetric Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Systems" , "Volumetric Tomotherapy Systems"

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