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Radiotherapy Systems, Linear Accelerator

Definition : Radiotherapy systems designed to produce electron beams of varying energies in addition to high-energy photons using a linear accelerator (linac) as a generator. A linear accelerator consists of a modulator, an electron gun, a radio-frequency power source (either a magnetron or a klystron), and an accelerator guide. The range of the energy levels provided by linacs is very wide, from 4- to 6-megavolt (MV) photons for low-energy units to 25 MV photons and up to 22 mega-electron-volt electrons in high-energy units. These systems also include control units, filters, and collimators. Low-energy linear accelerator systems are mostly used to treat tumors of the head, neck, and breast; high-energy systems are used to treat deep-seated neoplasms and tumors of the pelvis and thorax.

Entry Terms : "Linacs" , "Linear Accelerators" , "Electron Accelerators, Therapeutic" , "Linear Electron Accelerators"

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